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ATW as a living showroom for CNC machining solutions on aluminum components with the technology leaders Exechon in parallel kinematics and Comau in automation

22ATW GmbH in Pleinfeld for machining solutions in aluminium with the focus on profiles, complete floor assemblies, electromobility, medicine and aviation and much more, in cooperation with Exechon X-Mini and Comau as automation professionals! We open our production for the future – Visit us!

Comau and Exechon will go hand in hand in the future. Comau, a company that stands for innovative industrial automated processes and systems to improve manufacturing performance and is a global leader in the automotive industry, is joining forces with the international company Exechon, whose focus is on patented technologies in parallel kinematics. 

The aim of this cooperation is to establish a Comau machining center that combines novel and lightweight profile and structural components for various industries and is characterized by a special focus on automotive engineering, aerospace technology and electromobility. 

It is also in the interest of both companies to use this cooperation to introduce a new machining paradigm for handling large and complex aluminium parts. The main focus here is on customer-oriented problem solving, which involves dealing competently and cost-effectively with the constant changes in this machining sector. Pioneers in this field are above all lightweight components that reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and thus play an important role, especially in the field of electric mobility for automobile manufacturers. However, the increasing degree of production complexity also requires innovative solutions in the aerospace sector.

Especially the interaction between Comau Machinings regarding system integration and the management of complex production lines and Exechons novel technology paradigm makes such a future-oriented project. Also the combined expertise of both partners makes it possible to offer individual turnkey strategies for special project requirements, which both increase customer added value and do not reduce the importance of time to market, flexibility and multi-part management. Exechon’s task will be to develop the core of the new machine, while Comau with its long experience will ensure the optimal solution in terms of industrial automation and integration for each project.


“The importance of this project lies in Comau’s ability to offer a 360° service in electric mobility, with new light machining centers as a central link,” explains Luca Ferrero, COO of Comau Machining. “By combining a lightweight approach at Comau Machining with our expertise in bodywork and battery assembly, we can now complete the value chain and deliver advanced solutions for battery case machining and more”.

“It has been an amazing year because Comau and Exechon together have managed an extremely fast transition from conventional cars and airplanes to an electric and lightweight concept”, confirms Karl Erik Neumann, CEO – Inventor of Tricept & Exechon PKM. “We have shown how our XMini machine and the automation expertise of Comau and its employees can together change a production paradigm. We believe in the future and we believe in a future with Comau. 

Aluminium Technik Weißenburg as showroom for advanced CNC machining

ATW occupies a special position as a supplier for the machining of aluminium parts in the cooperation between Comau and Exechon. We are proud to announce that the innovative CNC machines from Exechon are now in our portfolio. This opens up completely new possibilities for us and our customers for the machining of profiles. The Exechon XMini CNC milling machine is characterized by its high flexibility and precision, even in the most complex milling processes, and this with an outstanding performance. As ATW we are very convinced of the advantages of the XMini compared to conventional CNC milling machines. Therefore we would like to invite our customers to visit the machine in our factory and open our factory as a showroom for the Exechon XMini CNC milling machine. 


Get your own impression of the latest technology of CNC machining. You can find more information about the XMini and the request form for an on-site appointment here: